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Nikkon Fisheye-Nikkor 6mm f2.8
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What is the difference between an AI lens, an AI-S lens, and Non-AI lens?
All Nikkor Lenses
NIKKOR Lens Glossary
326 Articles
Camera and lens compatibility
Downloadcentrum – Wat is nieuw?
1001 nights
I Am Nikon blog
Imaging Products Lineup
Lens Simulator
Manual lenses – Nikon USA
Manuals SLR Filmcameras
NEF Codec Download
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Nikkor is a lens brand for cameras….

Nikon USA Press Room



Nikon Parts Store | Shop Nikon Camera, Lens and Speedlight Partstitle_l


Ai Conversion

Explain AI, AI-S, Non AI…nikon-aiais-manual-lenses…

allphotolensAll About Photographic Lenses (Nikon related)

Nikon Service Manuals and Brochures

Barthworks Nikon Cameras, Lenses, and Accessories

Bjørn Rørslett lens evaluations

cameradecisionCameraDecision, cameras, lenses, tools

setupguidesVisual Adventures | Camera Setup Guides

Camera Image Sensor
Image Sensor Size Specs Comparison

Best Nikon lenses How to choose your next Nikkor lens: what kind of photos do you want to take?

CameraQuest’s Classic Camera Profiles 

Camera Stuff Review…nikon

The Complete Works of Nikon camera (Chinese)

D300 DSLR | Lourens Huizinga – Nikon System Online

DPChallenge Lenses

DxOMark Nikon

Foto Frans apparatuur en tips (seals vervangen)

Second Hand Guide

F Mount Index by Lars Holst Hansen

FX – DX Lens Crop Factor – Beeldhoek en Cropfactor
Nikon Lens Simulator

Hans Braakhuis

imagegopowwer-deLens reviews

Will van Manen Kamera-Service vof
– Nikkor Lens Technology
– Nikon Nikkor Lenses
– Lens compatibility the World’s Largest Used Camera Dealer
Nikon Collectible Cameras

Lens Manuals & More


lenssensscore (Nikon)

Lens Database

Camera reviews
Lens reviews

Manuals (nl)

Manual Focus:  NAi, Ai, Ai’d, AiS Lenses

MFLenses (A new life in a digital age)

Mike Butkus Nikon Manuals


NASA’s Nikons On Board the International Space Station
HiRes photo

Nico van Dijk   The most comprehensive source for information on Nikon photographic equipment on the entire net!

Nikon Camera’s with Photo Samples

Nikon Classics – Used Nikon Products (German)
Nikonclassics Infoblog

Nikon D7000 for HDR

Nikon Historical Society

Nikonindex on

Nikon Kenkyukai Tokio – Red Book Nikkor
Red Book Nikkor (new site)

Nikon Lens Hood Specs © Rick Housh
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Nikon Lenses Link Collection

Nikon Mechanical cameras 1959 to 1979

Nikon Nikkor lens database | Roland Vink
A Summary of Nikon lens Versions
Nikon Ai Conversions

(Why Use) Nikon Lenses On A Canon DSLR


Nikon Rumors

Nikon Field Flash Digital Guide photography by Thom Hogan
Making Sense of Lens Acronyms – Will It Fit!

Nikkor lenses – A little Personal Opinon
Early versions of Nikkor standard 50mm lenses – Non-Ai Spec

Nikon Classics Camera Series
Nikon camera models 1959-79

Nikon product brochure 1977/79
Lens overview
The Nikon System

Nikon on
Nikon DSLR Wikipedia
Nikon F-mount

NikonPoint die community für Nikon-user

Nikon Digital Camera Reviews – imaging resource

Nikon Service Manuals


Nikon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nikon – Wikipedia do Brasil


Peter Lausch

Oscars Collection

phoblographerThe psychology of creative photography

 Nikon Forum on Photo.Net

DX or FX for Sports and Wildlife Photography


De Nikon Df




Professionele Fotografie – tag Nikon

Register afstanden
register_afstandCamera Mounts and Registers

Red Book Nikkor

Remote DSLR Control

Richard de Stoutz’ Photography

Richard Haw’s Classic Nikkor Maintenance Site

Shutterpoint F3

slrloungeBeginners Guide to Old Nikkor Lenses

Spiegelreflex Magazine

Test Chart | Front focus – Back focus

That Nikon Guy

The Nikon Hub – Pacific Rim Camera

The R&L Nikkor tables

The Camera Site

The Haul – Nikon on flickr

Tick Mark (define: Nikon Tick Mark)
Early Nikon F Tick Mark Lenses

Thom Hogan


WestLicht Photographica Auction
Auction May 25th, 2013 (pdf)
Auction May 25th, 2013 Results
Auction November 23rd, 2013

Wikipedia: Nikkor

50mm f1.2

50mm f1.2, 55mm f1.2, 58 f1.2 comparison photos