Series E 135mm f2.8

135mm f2.8 Series E

This lens was introduced quite late in 1981 and it was introduced with improved cosmetic right away (except the aperture ring that still retains the original rectangular grip texture but a metal lens mounting ring was added) (correct me if you have seen any of the version that bears black matte-finish). The aperture stops down to useful f/32 for greater control over depth of field. Nikon claimed it was well corrected optically to retain image flatness. It has also obviously benefited greatly from Nikon’s “Nikon Integrated Coating” where all air to glass surfaces are coated which contributes to its outstanding and faithful image/color reproduction. Its shares 52mm standard filter attachment size and enable it to have good compatibility with many Nikon accessories.

It has a built-in telescopic lens hood. So, when it requires in situation such as shooting against the light, it can be readily avaiable by simply pulling it out from the lens froint. Optically, it has a slightly different arrangement in 4 elements in 4 groups from the Nikkor 135mm f2.8’s 5 elements in 4 groups design. The Nikkor can be focus at closer distance of 1.3m (4.5ft). Overall, this is a good entry telephoto lens considering its modest price and performance it can offer. However, the only drawback you can pick on is, of cause the construction is not as rigid as the Nikkor lens counterpart. Optically, this lens could be comparable with the Nikkor optic. It may be a good consideration especially one can acquire them in reasonably good prices at popular online auction outlets, but I seldom see many of them surface as used item.

Technical Highlights:
* Relatively high speed of f/2.8 is convenient for action shots and available light. * Outstanding contrast and color fidelity due to Nikon Integrated Coating. * Extremely small and light for a 135mm telephoto.* Its 135mm focal length provides natural perspective and brings distant subjects nearly three times closer. * Stops down to f/32 for additional depth-of-field control. * Built-in telescopic lens hood. * Uses standard 52mm filters. * Advantageous for shooting candid, head-and shoulder portraits, details in landscapes or architecture, travel photography, and sports.

Focal length/Aperture: 135mm f/2.8
Lens construction: 4 elements in 4 groups
Picture angle: 18°; Diaphragm: Automatic
Aperture scale: f/2.8 – f/32 on both standard and aperture-direct-readout scales
Exposure measurement: Via full aperture method with AI cameras; via stop-down method with Non-Ai cameras.
Distance scale: Graduated in meters and feet from 1.5m (5ft.) to infinity. Weight: approx. 395g
Dimensions: 62.5mm dia. x 88.5mm long (overall); 80.5mm extension from lens flange
Filters: 52mm front screw-in; Front lens cap: Snap-On
Lens hood: Built-in telescopic type; Lens case: CL-32S hard leatherette, No. 62 soft; pouch, or CP-9 plastic


Lens Sample Photos

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